DARK MOFO, HOBART – 17 JUNE 2017. Tickets available now.

Lucy Guerin unleashes a dance premiere that will enfold you in the embrace of darkness.

The dramatic chorus is both the voice of the people and of your most intimate thoughts, a moving sculpture of bodies and concepts made flesh. From the mind of one of Australia’s most renowned choreographers springs a commanding new work that reaches back to the roots of ancient theatre to create something entirely of the now.

A moving whispering classical chorus weaves around the outskirts of the work, growing and shrinking as the main action takes place. Shadow and illumination, the individual and the mob, the fantastic and the all-too-real – these opposites melt into each other in a compelling maelstrom of dance with an irresistible undertow.

Upcoming  performances:

Dark Mofo 2017
Theatre Royal
Sat 17 June 2017 | 1pm & 8pm
Tickets currently available online

Previous performances:

World Premiere – Melbourne Festival 2016
 Meat Market, North Melbourne
Dates: Thu 6 – Wed 12 October 2016
View The Dark Chorus Melbourne Festival 2016 program online.

The Dark Chorus Syndicate

To support the creation of the production seven forward-thinking, big-hearted individuals pledged their support of $1,000 each to form a new network for Lucy Guerin Inc: The Dark Chorus Syndicate. For more information, see the details at The Australian Cultural Fund’s website.

For more information about The Dark Chorus Syndicate or touring and presentation opportunities contact Executive Producer, Annette Vieusseux.

Images by Gregory Lorenzutti

Creative Team

  • director: Lucy Guerin
  • Choreographer: Lucy Guerin with the dancers
  • Dancers from Premiere Production: Benjamin Hancock , Jessie Oshodi , Lilian Steiner , Stephanie Lake , Tyrone Robinson
  • Composer: Robin Fox
  • Costume Designer: Benjamin Hancock , Harriet Oxley , Jack Hancock
  • Dramaturge: Adena Jacobs
  • Production Manager: Paul Lim
  • Producer: Annette Vieusseux
  • Lighting designer: Paul Lim

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