Natalie Abbott | Holly Durant | Atlanta Eke | Rebecca Jensen | Rennie McDougall

Pieces for Small Spaces
 is Lucy Guerin Inc’s annual program to support the work of young choreographers and those working outside company structures. It is a performance evening curated and presented by Lucy Guerin Inc where five choreographers are invited to make a 5 – 10 minute dance work with the aim of developing choreographic process and finding a distinct voice for their ideas.

Curated by: Lucy Guerin

Date: 6 – 10  December, 7pm
Post show artist talk  – Tuesday 6 December
Venue: Lucy Guerin Inc Studio
14 Batman St, West Melbourne



Choreographed and Performed by: Holly Durant
Costume Design:Alice Swing

The inspiration for this single image work comes from the ageing female characters in Victorian society and literature who chose not to marry. It is about isolation, vanity, solitude and ultimately becoming invisible.

Thank-you to: Lucy Guerin, Michaela Coventry, Laura Levitus, Savannah Adshead, Frog, Blair, Roxzan, and Bluebottle, James Welsby, Derrick Amanatidis, Moira Finucane, Rob McCredie and Michael Iveson.

Within an Inner

Choreographed and Performed By: Rebecca Jensen

Sound: Rebecca Jensen reading from The Human Zoo by Desmond Morris; Sound excerpts from Laurie Anderson’s Born Never Asked.

Thank-you: All of Lucy Guerin Inc, Frog, Blair and Roxzan. Thomas Muratore, Daniel Arnott, Sarah Aiken, Rennie McDougall, Maddy Krenek, Lillian Grace Steiner, Janine Proost and Annabelle Balharry.

Circles for Squares

Choreographed and Performed By: Natalie Abbott

Considerations: Mesmeric and hypnotic states. Audible motion. Repetition. Abrasions.

Thank-you: Lucy, Laura and Michaela. Frog, Blair and Roxzan. My family. James. Amy. Bec. The dear and wonderful John.

Thoughts are Circular

Choreographed and Performed By: Rennie McDougall

Thank-you: Annabelle Balharry, Deanne Butterworth, Luke George, Alexander Larielle, Bec Jensen, Lucy Guerin, Gill McDougall.


Choreographed By: Atlanta Eke

Performed By: Amanda Betlehem, Sophie Beirne, Tessa Broadby, Ashlea English, Atlanta Eke, Abbey Leonard and Sarah Ling.

Music: Excerpt of sound score from the film Picnic At Hanging RockA Theme From Picnic at Hanging Rock; sound excerpt from Janis Joplin’s Piece of My Heart.

Thank-you: Timothy Birnie, Lucy, Laura, Michaela and the Bluebottle team.

Pieces for Small Spaces 2011 and Lucy Guerin Inc was generously supported by The Angior Family Foundation, Bluebottle, Arts Victoria & the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Images: Vincent Long

Creative Team

  • Choreographer: Atlanta Eke , Holly Durant , Natalie Abbott , Rebecca Jensen , Rennie McDougall
  • Production Manager: Roxzan Bowes , Savannah Adshead
  • Producer: Laura Levitus
  • Lighting designer: Bluebottle

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