Commissioned by The Keir Foundation and Lucy Guerin Inc, premiered at Dancehouse, Melbourne July 2010.

NOWNOWNOW is experiment-as-performance that is exploring energy, time and consciousness. Three performers undertake conceptual live attempts to experience the question: can we be in the now?

 “People seek to be in the moment, yet through the pursuit of this, move further and further away from it. I am drawn to the paradox of this notion and how it parallels the act of performance – which is happening, both in real time between the audience and the performer, and yet is highly constructed. In this piece, the performers are not characters representing a greater humanity or society – we are ourselves, and this performance is a genuine attempt at the question: can we be in the now?” – Luke George

 Images: Jeff Busby

Creative Team

  • Choreographer: Luke George
  • Dancers from Premiere Production: Kristy Ayre , Luke George , Timothy Harvey
  • Costume Designer: Ede Strong
  • Dramaturge: Martyn Coutts
  • Producer: Alison Halit
  • Lighting designer: Benjamin Cisterne
  • Set Designers: Benjamin Cisterne

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