Lucy Guerin Inc and Ensemble Tikoro

Metal is a new work by dance company Lucy Guerin Inc and Ensemble Tikoro, a heavy metal choir from Bandung Indonesia led by Robi Rusdiana. Through voice, movement, improvisation and composition Metal will explore the musical, cultural and theatrical contradictions of this unique collaboration. Heavy metal is huge in Indonesia. Originally a western form, it resonates as resistance and a mode of expression within Indonesian culture. Coming together in a choreography of voice and movement, Lucy and Robi reflect on why they have been so committed to their respective forms for decades.

Lucy Guerin Inc will hold auditions for this work in January 2019. For more information on this audition and to apply, visit our auditions page.  

Supported by Playking Foundation

Images by Angus Kemp

Creative Team

  • director: Lucy Guerin and Robi Rusdiana
  • Choreographer: Lucy Guerin
  • Composer: Robi Rusdiana

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