Lucy began work on a new project in the studio in April 2018.

Lucy’s new work is about maintaining and relinquishing autonomy. Do we resist or join the forces which surround us, fashions, trends, ideas, people, technologies? Should we be renegades against the flow of time or co-operate with the society we find ourselves in.

Beginning in autonomous worlds the performers are immersed in their own environment of theatrical elements. Light, sound, props and costumes, each with their own highly specific rhythm and tone.

Over time these isolated domains expand and meet each other; resisting or co-operating with the worlds around them.


Images: Gregory Lorenzutti

Creative Team

  • director: Lucy Guerin
  • Choreographer: Lucy Guerin with the dancers
  • Dancers from Premiere Production: Alisdair Macindoe , Benjamin Hancock , Jessie Oshodi , Lilian Steiner , Rebecca Jensen , Tra Mi Dinh
  • Composer: Daniel Jenatsch
  • Producer: Michaela Coventry

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