Premiere 14 February, 2001, Melbourne.

Commissioned By:
Ros Warby

Living with Surfaces is a short solo about getting comfortable in a limited concrete world. Where to place oneself between wall, floor, skin and emptiness? This decision teeters between a sensual exploration and a boring, frustrating task of self definition.


“a concise and coherent essay to which Warby brings her own impish sense of humour.”
Hilary Crampton, The Age, February 2001, Melbourne.

Creative Team

  • Choreographer: Lucy Guerin
  • Dancers from Premiere Production: Ros Warby
  • Costume Designer: Mila Faranov
  • Lighting designer: Margie Medlin
  • Set Designers: Margie Medlin
  • Sound Designers: Alva Noto; Stilluppsteypa; Foehn; Crank

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