Comissioned by The Ballet de l’Opera de Lyon

Ballet de l’Opera de Lyon commissioned Lucy Guerin to create a new dance work for the company. It premiered alongside new works choreographed by Lee Serle, and William Forsythe’s One Flat Thing Reproduced. Lucy Guerin Inc’s then Resident Director, Stephanie Lake accompanied Lucy as her choreographic assistant. Lucy also collaborated with set designer Ralph Myers and composer Oren Ambarchi.

Further information, images and videos can be found on the Lyon Opera website.

Read an interview with Lucy about her work with the Ballet de l’Opera de Lyon on the Australia Council’s news website Artery.


20 – 27 February, 2016: Theatre de la Ville, France

28 May, 2013- Premiere: Ballet de l’Opera de Lyon, France

Creative Team

  • Choreographer: Lucy Guerin
  • Composer: Oren Ambarchi
  • Costume Designer: Ralph Myers
  • Lighting designer: Benjamin Cistern
  • Set Designers: Ralph Myers

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