Kyle Page

Collaborator - Motion Picture / Dancer - Weather

Kyle Page has been dancing professionally for 10 years and has performed in 17 countries throughout the world. He studied dance full-time with Barbara Everson at the Australian Dance Performance Institute, and has since achieved a Bachelor Degree through the Adelaide College of the Arts

Kyle has collaborated with internationally renowned choreographers such as Meryl Tankard (Seulle, Kaidan), Lucy Guerin (Weather), Gavin Webber (Underneath, Night Café, Underground, Remember Me), Ikuyo Kuroda (Underneath), Stephanie Lake (The Experiment), Astad Deboo (Rishdey), Antony Hamilton (2 4 1, RGB), Jo Stone and Paulo Castro (Dis-intigration), Larissa McGowan (Slack), and Garry Stewart (G, Be Your Self, Worldhood, Proximity)

In 2013/14 Kyle was offered an Asialink residency and spent three months in Varanasi, India, creating a brand new work, Syncing Feeling, with his partner Amber Haines. Syncing Feeling will premiere in 2015 at the Salamanca Arts Centre. Kyle was recently selected as a finalist in the inaugural Australian Arts in Asia Award for his work Engi, which is set to premier in the OzAsia Festival, 2015.