Michaela French

Visual Design - Melt, Aether, Structure and Sadness, On

Michaela French is a Visual Artist, Filmmaker, Animator and Compositor working with projected image across a range of disciplines including film, fine art, contemporary dance, theatre, exhibition design, planetaria and the sciences. She has written and directed a number of short films, created a multitude of projected image environments for live performance and exhibition.

Michaela’s work explores the boundaries of cinematic language, storytelling, spatial design and human interaction. She has an ongoing interest in the workings of the physical and meta-physical world and in the limitations and possibilities of human perception. The investigation of these areas is regularly reflected in her work, which aims to elicit a strong emotional response. Michaela is passionate about the use of light, colour, sound and movement as the basis of human communication and by utilising these elements in their purest form her work moves towards a universal language.The intersections of language, form and discipline are also fundamental to Michaela’s work as she seeks to foster conceptual growth and perceptual expansion within the audience.

Michaela is currently based in London where she continues to pursue her creative practice and lectures in Fine Art and Design and Film, Television and Multimedia production.