Creating new works in contemporary dance is at the heart of Lucy Guerin Inc’s activities as an organisation. It is a search for new ways of moving, discovering different choreographic processes and clarifying the way that dance can be understood. The creation of these new works happens essentially through research in the studio where movement is explored and tested to reveal its meaning and potential. It also happens through reading, writing, discussion, collaboration and thinking.

In February 2010 Lucy Guerin Inc invited a number of people across dance and academic fields to discuss how it might develop and articulate its relationship to research. Since 2010 a Research Coordinator was established to integrate and facilitate Lucy Guerin Inc’s research activities. It has had various applications across many aspects of the organisation including archiving, creative research for the choreographer, documenting and searching for partnership and funding opportunities.

2010 saw the beginning of the Lucy Guerin Inc archive project, a documented resource for the entire history of the Company aimed at recording and promoting Lucy Guerin Inc’s legacy and reputation. This archive has now become an active resource, available for online public access. Lucy Guerin Inc continues to develop and expand the archive content available for all to utilise.

Through a process of documentation, dialogue and dissemination the Company can reflect on the way it conducts its research activities as feedback for change and growth.

This project was supported by the Sydney Myer Family Foundation